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Me at a high school dance circa 1983. Photo credit Dennis Prechtl

Young white woman in a snowy field wearing winter pompom hat, warm hooded ski jacket, blowing snow from white fluffy mittens

I believe my mind is seeking the point in time where it seems to begin for me. But even if I go back to my own birth, I must look to those who came before me, the ones who are still alive, and those who are hopefully resting in peace.

I can say assuredly that this week my own rest has not been peaceful. It has been filled with an energy that won’t go away and does not allow sleep to come easy. My mind is active. My heart goes between hurting and very nearly closed. My gut carries dread. It is hard to think about hope though I will not allow my heart to fully close. I do not want to be without hope.

Yosemite Sam — Warner Brothers cartoon

Christina Ricci 1998. My “lookalike” at that time.

Donna Joyce

I am a writer, a storyteller, a traveller in space and time. This is my journey. Come walk with me.

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